About Us


At my law firm, I was never the lawyer that looked, dressed or acted like a lawyer. No blazers, no stockings, no pant suits. I preferred flats to heels, t-shirts to blouses and being relatable rather than aloof.

When I moved out of private practice and into the Toronto tech scene, I got to work at Google, arguably the best tech company in the world.
And my wardrobe rejoiced. The first thing I did was to get rid of all of my corporate wear and stock up on high-waisted jeans.

But there was a problem: that notorious “tech uniform” of a hoodie and boring, non-descript white t-shirt?
While it works so well on the guys on the software engineering team, it makes me look like I just rolled out of bed.
So I spent an entire weekend looking for, and buying designer t-shirts to wear to work - at $200 each...
...and only to see three of my colleagues at the work cafeteria on Monday morning, wearing the exact same overpriced, not-such-great-quality t-shirts.

I went back on the hunt. But I soon realised that high-end designer t-shirts, that are both edgy and polished, are not that easy to come by.

So I designed my own. And I was hooked.
Hooked on giving other women in tech t-shirts that are minimalist, edgy and understated. A t-shirt that can be dressed up, dressed down, and a t-shirt that looks good whether you're in the office, having a brunch meeting or sitting in business class. 

Effortlessly cool.

James Hilo is exclusive, which means that each piece is only available for one season. After that, they are discontinued.

Because if there's one thing I dislike more than wearing a hoodie to work, it's wearing something that every other person is wearing too.
So James Hilo is just for us: fashionable nerds spun from a different thread.
//Let’s be different together.